Case: Fast Food Feast

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MG375 Production and Operations Management Chapter 1, Case: Fast- Food Feast I visited a Wendy's and a Burger King restaurant in Omaha, below are my observations: 1. How are in-store orders taken? Wendy's: Orders are taken at the register by store personnel via their register which is a mini LAN computer that relays the order to the cook area. Burger King: Orders are taken at the register by store personnel. 2. Are the hamburgers prepared to order, or are they prepared ahead of time and delivered from a storage bin? Wendy's: Prepared when ordered. Burger King: Lunchtime - prepared ahead of time, delivered from storage bin. 3. How are special orders handled? Wendy's: Special orders were handled the same as a regular order, at the time of purchase. Burger King: Special orders were prepared at the time of order, but took longer than the regular order which were premade. 4. How are the hamburgers cooked? Wendy's: Hamburgers are cooked on a grill and are kept warm on the grill. Burger King: Hamburgers are originally cooked by 'flame broil' and kept warm in a heating drawer. Use of steam and microwave is also available, but not observed. 5. How are the hamburgers assembled? Wendy's: The assembly line is in-line with the customer and the front register and difficult to see, but the grill is situated at one end and the register at the other with the prep in-between. The buns are placed at the prep area and after an order is taken the burger is pulled off of the grill and put on to the bun and other condiments are then placed on to complete the sandwich, then wrapped and placed on the tray for the customer. Burger King: The assembly line was perpendicular to the register and it was similar to Wendy's except for where the burger was pulled from - usually the heating drawer. For special order burgers they were prepped in accordance with the

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