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FRAMEWORK FOR CASE CONCEPTUALIZATION (School) SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE Counselor: Christine Ward Date of Presentation: May 9, 2010 Number of Sessions to Date: 1 Identifying Data, Background and/or Referral Information: “Sam”: 16 year-old female, sophomore. Cumulative folder and report card grades indicate that Sam is an A/B student. Referred by English teacher. Teacher reports that Sam’s behavior in class has changed over the last few weeks. Teacher reports that Sam is not turning in homework assignments, has fallen asleep in class on more than one occasion, and generally appears distracted. Presenting Concerns – Student’s Words and School Counselor’s Point of View: Sam reports that her parents have been fighting and have been talking about divorce. She feels caught in the middle of their struggles and states that she is unable to sleep, stays away from home as much as possible, and cannot concentrate. States that she has not been involved in her normal social and extra-curricular activities over the past few weeks. Sam appears withdrawn and listless. Fails to make eye contact. Shakes feet/legs when talking about parents. Smiles vaguely when discussing upcoming choir concert. Concurrent Issues (Identification, intervention, attempts to remedy) • Declining grades (went to tutoring one time, reports that it “didn’t help.”) • Feels distracted • Does not feel she can talk to anyone, has withdrawn from friends History of Presenting Issue: (Previous problem solving and resources used) • Parents have been fighting off and on for a month (has tried talking to them and ignoring the fighting). • Parents have fought in past, never for extended time period; Last time they were “fine after a day or two” • Grades began to slide approximately three weeks ago. No other history of academic problems.
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