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Case Brief HELEN PALSGRAF, Respondent, v. The LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY, Appellant. Case Identification The plaintiff is Helen Palsgraf and the respondent while the defendant is The Long Island Railroad Company and the Appellant. The court that decided the case was the court of appeals of New York. The case name was Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Company. The case was argued in February 24, 1928 and was decided in May 29, 1928. 248 NY 339 Facts Helen Palsgraf was standing on a platform of the railroad while another passenger ran to catch a train at the other end of the platform. He stumbled and at this time a guard on the train car reached to help him. At the same time, a guard pushed him from behind resulting in dropping the package from the passenger’s hands. That package turned out to be fireworks. The package had been wrapped in newspaper and it was not obvious that it contained anything harmful. The package fell to the tracks and exploded. The explosion knocked loose a set of scales at the other end of the platform and the explosion reached Helen causing her injury. She filed suit against the Long Island Railroad Company for negligence. The jury verdict entered judgment in favor of the Long Island Railroad Company holding the railroad liable for her injuries. The railroad company appealed the judgment to the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in the Second Judicial Department of New York which affirmed the trial court’s verdict that the railroad was responsible. The railroad appealed to the Court of Appeals of New York. Issues 1. Does the actions of the railroad guard were an invasion of a legally protected interest or a protected right to the plaintiff? 2. Does the railroad guard violate a duty of care with the plaintiff standing in the railroad platform? 3. Does the law of proximate cause apply in these circumstances to

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