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' base 7: Barry ~ i l s o d Main issues: leadership, structure, motivation, job design Q1: what leadership issues arise in this case? To provide encouragement, motivation and develop opportunities to all his managers ( staff leadership development, important, long-term strategy) To develop a spirit of team work and congruent goals among his managers To avoid the perception of favoritism ( dangerous) To communicate the importance and urgency of the briefing manual and To produce the best possible result. As a manager, it is important to distinguish short-term and long-term goals , have to recognize priority. Solution: Partnership, break down to small pieces, have a test, hire somebody outside(outsourcing),mentor. Structure: 120 staffs, 4 offices( policy development, cableibroadcast research office, engineering and regulatory affairs) and one administrative services unit. Leadership: task leader, not relationship leader > Leadership style issue -This theoryleadership theory contingency theory because it focuses on the best Situational is considered a \ > Leader candidate issue - leadership style for a given situation. According to the case, a quality briefing manual has to be produced within the very tight deadline- one week. Wilson will be in a btter position for possible promotion, if the project will be succeed. It determined that leadership should be a task leadership style, because one week does not allow any leader to concern for both people and taskihe has better focus on getting the job done with limited timefiame. Therefore, followers need a great deal of direction from their leaders. If Edwards becomes a leader for this project, others will be very jealous and resentful to him. The relationship of this project group may be relatively low friendly.J Motivation(job design): these two issues connected in this case. Jealous and

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