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Universal Machine Tool Company Step #1 – Recognition of Decision Requirement Dave has a problem forming with Universal Tool. This problem is that when Dave signed on to the company as CEO he made some then needed changes that did what was needed at the time for the company, but if things keep going the way they are Universal will quit growing due to low profit margins. Dave needs to decide whether to follow his intuition and merge with SenCom to improve Universal. Or whether to follow his logical mind and keep things as are and hope for the best in the future. Step #2 – Diagnosis and Analysis of Causes In order for Dave to figure out what exactly has caused Universal’s profit margins to fall since he made changes. To do determine the underlying factors behind Universals problems there are a series of questions for Dave to look at and answer. These questions are as follows: What is the state of disequilibrium affecting us? Do we keep things at Universal the same as they currently are and run the risk of us no longer growing? Or do we acquire SenCom and hopefully set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing top notch service sophisticated service. When did it occur? This problem started 4 years ago when Dave made improvements to Universal to improve revenue growth and increase market sharing. Where did it occur? This issue has occurred within Universal’s profit margins. How did it occur? This issue has occurred because to improve one part of the company sometimes another part has to suffer. Sometimes you give a little to get a little. To whom did this occur? This issue will affect the entire company over time if things aren’t changed. What is the urgency of the problem? The sooner, the better. What is the interconnectedness of events?

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