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Case Analysis – Strategic Hrm – Infosys Group - Unit 2

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Case Analysis – Strategic HRM – Infosys Group - Unit 2
Strategic human resource management is the effective management of people. Management need to think ahead, and plan ways to better meet the needs of its employees, and for the employees to better meet the needs of the company. This can affect the way things are done at a company to improve hiring practices and employee training to evaluate techniques.   When companies who work hard to meet the needs of their employees can encourage a work atmosphere that is productivity. Management must plan for the needs of employees to increase the chance of keeping skilled employees working for a company.
Even though Infosys was in the fast growth stage and building on customer loyalty, the employees were not happy (Mello, 2011).   The company though that making the product stand out in the marketplace was the only way to be successful.   The company focus on process rather than on the current employees innovative talents.   Management had a problem with allocation, which caused high employee turnover.   This added more recruiting costs and the added challenge of clients expecting more in regards to efficiency. In addition, there were visa restrictions from the U.S. causing more problems (Delong, et al.).  

When their revenue increased and they hired a lot of new employees.   Murthy wanted to be a global company so they went global in 2004, in India working with IBM.   Their product branding was improved by differentiation from competitors. Infosys provided more benefits to their employees by giving stock offers as an employee options, also they gave pay increases.   Infosys offered employees training, emotional and financial support.   However, the employees still were not happy.
The human resource management to become effective in human resource management, and becoming a partner within the organization, they need to have the mind-set for change. SHRM focuses on “transformation” besides handling...

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