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Case Analysis Preparation: Intersoft Of Argentina

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Case analysis Preparation:   InterSoft of Argentina

Summary and Overview

This case study focuses on InterSoft of Argentina, a growing software company in Argentina. The case depicts InterSoft's origins and highlights the relationship between the founding partners, Emilio Lopez and Felix Racca.

In 1993, InterSoft acquires a Russian software company and Emilio Lopez, the vice president and director of InterSoft's Systems Software Lab, must manage a creative, cross-cultural, "virtual" team. This case reveals a quarrel that arises over e-mail between an Argentine programmer and a Russian programmer. Lopez, as the manager of the development team, must decide how to handle the situation. Since the exchanges between these programmers were preserved in e-mail files, this case provides a unique opportunity to analyze a conflict situation as it escalates.

The main issues that are addressed in the case study include:
1. Cross cultural relations
2. Management communication
3. Management performance
4. Mergers
5. Power & influence
6. Product introduction
7. Software

Main Challenges and Causes

Even though Russians and Argentines have similarities in their culture there are some key differences that poses a challenge for them to work together. These challenges and causes are summarized as:

Regards towards authority: Russians are more anarchical and hierarchical and more rebellious towards authority. Whereas Argentines don’t rebel against authorities, they simply ignore them. Russians don’t think its right for a peer to share views with a boss if there’s a possibility of agreement at the peer level whereas Argentines do not respect those boundaries. This was one of the main reasons of disagreement between Hernan and Alexey.

Culture and language Barrier: Also the language interpretation was one of problems that increased the misunderstanding. The resistance by both individuals to discuss the problem face-to-face and resorting to emails did not...

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