Case Analysis of Blue Orb

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Case Analysis of Blue Orb Key Persons: Mike Bowers the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Pete McAlindon the founder and Chief Executive Officer Key Issue: The key issue based on which the decision needs to be made is whether or not the company should outsource their marketing plan of launching a competition to FightWare and incur a expense of $25,000 or the alternative being that they design the competition in-house. Basic Facts: The Company is aiming at increasing their revenue by actually transforming the free subscribed users, of the software, to paid and registered users. For that reason they require focused marketing strategy in order to gain that kind of customer attention. The management of the firm hence is considering the option of outsourcing a unique strategy to another organization called FightWare. According to this unique strategy the company is considering the option of arranging a nationwide competition through FightWare, which will cost them about $25,000. This competition is likely to generate the buzz and excitement surrounding the software, which is already in the market and being used on the basis of monthly subscriptions. Thus the main decision with the company is whether to outsource the competition or to arrange it in-house with the help of networking partners. Alternatives: Basically there are three alternatives in front of the company. Firstly they can simply outsource the competition to FightWare and pay them the sum of $25,000. The second alternative is to arrange for an in-house designing for the competition while partnering with the local gaming clubs and hiring marketing executives. The third alternative is to pursue the traditional path of advertising and campaigning thereby provoking the users to buy the software which will enhance their gaming experiences. Chosen Alternative: While analyzing the three alternative

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