Case Analysis for Reflex Systems

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“Reflex Systems” Case The case “Reflex Systems” describes a situation Rankin and his team is charged with installing a new CRM system for their company, Reflex Systems. They have been given a short deadline of ten weeks, and a small budget. The team has been dealing with the resignation of one member, and stress creating tension between remaining members and management. Facts -The individuals involved in this case include Henry Rankin (Software Engineer), Mike Frazer (CEO), Nicole Dyer (VP of Information Technology), Sally Phillips, Bob Finley, and Lynn Johnston. -The project has been given a deadline of ten weeks, with Rankin and his 5-member team in charge of technical implementation. -Bob Finley had a confrontation with Lynn Johnston, resulting in the two avoiding each other during the middle of the project. -Midway through the project, Team member Sally Phillips left the company for better prospects. -Rankin manages his employees simply by telling them his expectations, and only tries justifies the long hours and lack of sleep by telling them that he expects no more of them than he does of himself. Assumptions • Mike Frazer wants the system implemented in 10 weeks because he views it as the answer to the company’s lackluster follow up sales. The team has not yet asked for an extension or increased budget. • Finley claims he overreacted at Johnston due to lack of sleep from working on the project. He is also skeptical of the projects actual completion date. • Phillips left the company because she was interested in a better quality of life, even if it results in a pay cut. Budget constraints do not allow her position to be filled; the team was shot down when they inquired about replacing her. • Nicole Dyer believes that the team has a lack of commitment and urgency, creating more stress upon Rankin. • Rankin views the budget as inadequate,

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