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Cultural differences in business negotiations and Countermeasures Increasingly globalized world economy, international business have become increasingly frequent exchanges and close, the cultural differences among countries gradually appearing. In cross-cultural negotiations, the different geographical, ethnic, cultural differences will affect the thinking of those negotiations, the negotiation style and behavior, thus affecting the entire negotiation process. Therefore, to engage in business activities, especially cross-border business activity must know and master the contact between different cultures and differences. During the preparation and organization of the negotiations, they want a clear cultural differences impact on the negotiations, only the face of such a positive impact on the desired goal can be achieved. First, cultural differences have an impact on International Business Negotiation Analysis 1, and cultural conflict on the impact of international business negotiations. Human culture and values are diverse and complex. This cultural conflict-affected international business process or the outcome of negotiations. International business negotiations from the perspective of cultural conflict, the negotiating parties is to cling to their own cultural circle closed, caused by opposing the negotiations. Globalization of the different races, culture, land of the contact person to squeeze into a small space, competing for the interests and rights, between the threat and prevention of psychological greatly enhanced. The value of the conflict in the era of globalization, the interests and power directly from the cause of conflict. Developed and a strong culture, performance culture and values for the impulse to outward expansion of the developing countries, the performance for the development of their own culture, living space, which may lead to

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