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Ice Cream Problem Statement One of the largest regional manufacturers of ice cream, Chattanooga Ice Cream Division, is suffering of severe culture concerns including a lack of cohesion between departments, poor leadership and insensitivity to market demand. Because of these issues, Chattanooga has lost its third largest consumer and has decreased its profit over the past five years. Problems The two main problems we have identified are culture and leadership. As a result, Chattanooga suffers financial downturn. A. Culture Lack of cohesion B. Leadership Problem Analysis  Leadership void. No clear directive and no strategic vision. Currently there is not a leadership figure. Failure from management to see eye to eye on a recovery plan. Also, the high turnover of leadership creates no cohesion amongst the division thus decreasing morale.  Lack of prioritization. Misalignment of immediate and long term goals throughout the division. The VPs know they are short on time to decide the future of the division, yet they don’t have a sense of urgency in their decision making.  Conflict. There is no mutual respect or trust amongst departments. Conflict is being created through cognitive dissonance throughout management that is creating conflict. Each department see their issues as priorities.  High rigidity. They are avoiding adapting to demand and current trends. Currently, the division sticks to what they know (basic ice cream) despite changing market demand.  Lack of accountability. No one wants to take the blame on the things that are going wrong within their departments and within the company. Recommendations A. Culture and Leadership Keep Moore (not horrible, just needs training) Train Moore (consultant/executive coach) B. Business Respond to market demand… make products that people want to buy (take a loss in the short term

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