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Ethical Case Analysis Jelesia Brunson HUS 221-102 Identify the problem: Rosalind B. Vinson was the social worker of the patient M.L. before she was terminated under her own circumstances in 2008. Shortly after her termination she visited M.L. at her home on several occasions, borrowing loans for the amount of $1,150.00 from the patient. The first loan was on January 23, 2008 in the amount of $1, 00.00 and the second one took place on April 11, 2008 in the amount of $150.00. Identify the potential issues involved: Rosalind took advantage of a vulnerable client who was bed-bound. She visited M.L. at her home after she terminated the relationship. She broke numerous ethical codes and legal laws when she was even associating with M.L. Allegedly Rosalind repaid the loans back to M.L. by August 15, 2008. M.L. allegedly felt threatened by the respondent when she asked the respondent for the repayment of loans. Review the relevant ethical codes In the NOHS in Section I- Standards for Human Service Professionals Rosalind violated all these ethical codes Statement 2 Human service professionals respect the integrity and welfare of the client at all times. Each client I treated with respect, acceptance and dignity. Statement 6 Human service professionals are aware that in their relationships with clients power and status are unequal. Therefore they recognize that dual or multiple relationships may increase the risk of harm to, or exploitation of, clients, and may impair their professional judgment. However, in some communities and situations it may not be feasible to avoid social or other nonprofessional contact with clients. Human service professionals support the trust implicit in the helping relationship by avoiding dual relationships that may impair professional judgment, increase the risk of harm to clients or lead to exploitation. Statement 19 Human service
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