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Case Analysis Alphonso S Sharpe GM560 Keller Graduate School of Managemet Abstract The case deals with the analysis of the franchisee model of 1800GotJunk and looks at how the model was undergoing change including the relative advantage and disadvantage. The communication of change being rolled out is analyzed and how the partners can be better involved in the metrics planning and tracking that will help raise the performance of the group. The following is a discussion on the advantage and disadvantage of the model The franchisee model followed helps the franchisees have significant operational control on the day-today basis and little interference from the company. The owners are free to run the business within the standards and operating policies laid out. The company has created a basis for providing necessary support to the franchisees growth and success. As the company is growing and it will need to put more formal systems and methodologies in place to grow (Goldberg, 2011). The franchisees get the training, coaching and related support from the parent company that helps them improve their operations and quality of their execution. This is vital for the company and the franchisees to be able to maintain the consistency of operations and customer experience across the various areas in which they operate. They also receive encouragement through the awards scheme that has been developed by the company to promote healthy competition and acknowledge performance of the franchisees (Wageman, 2007). The franchisees do not have to focus on managing the customer acquisition and managing the customer complaint or feedback as that is done through the centralized marketing efforts customer care center that is run by the company. This takes significant investments and ongoing operational burden away from the franchisees and allows them to focus on the core

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