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Salamatu kanneh 06/22/15 Good Samaritan Home Case Study: Read the Case in Point: Good Samaritan Home, found in Chapter 7 of your textbook. After reading the case, please respond to the questions below. Be sure to include facts from the textbook as well as other sources to support your conclusions. Provide in-text citations and a reference list. 1. Define civil and criminal law. Could these case facts give rise to a criminal case, a civil case, or both? Explain your answer. a. “A criminal action is considered a wrong against society… A civil Action is considered a wrong between individuals”. These case facts give rise to both criminal and civil cases. First, the teenagers abused the elderly verbally and physically, which should result in some fines paid to the family, making it a civil suit. Next, the teenagers were put in front of a jury, which found them guilty, some were sentenced to jail time, the other sentences varied in charges. The fact that they were put in front of a jury, is what made this case criminal, along with the negligence of the Good Samaritan Home employers and the abuse intended by the teenage nursing aides. 2. What intentional torts do you think the nursing aides committed? Please give a definition for each intentional tort that you choose with an explanation of why you chose that tort. b. I believe the nursing aides committed assault and battery. “Assault meaning the threat of harm, and battery meaning the actual physical harm to a person”. I chose assault and battery the Case in Point mentioned that the nursing aides physically and verbally abused the elderly patients, meaning the must have laid their hands on the elderly patients which is the physical harm to a person

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