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Question 1. As Lora Brill, United Cereal European VP, would you authorize Jean-Luc Michel’s request to launch of Healthy Berry Crunch in France? Be sure to analyze both sides: Launch and Delay Launch (summarize in a table format and then discuss). Question 2. Does United Cereal represent an example of centralized or decentralized international employees much closer and make it a true European entity, also enabling them to learn more about other aspects of business. 5) Launch the Healthy Berry Crunch product in France as a test market for the Eurobrand approach as well as to compete with Cheerio’s Berry Burst in this country. 6) After it succeeds, launch the Healthy Berry Crunch in other European markets with the Eurobrand approach, continuing with Germany and Benelux, as those countries are also in favor of Healthy Berry Crunch. At the same time the company would do the further research on other European countries and choose the countries that test results show well to launch the next. 7) If the product and approach appears to be successful, launch the Healthy Berry Crunch in other European markets with the Eurobrand approach. Answer 4.b. According to Lora Brill’s concept, the UC Europe will create “Eurobrand Teams” which are composed of brand managers from each country subsidiary, delegates from each functional group such as logistics, engineering, R&D and so on, and one representative from the appropriate regional division VP’s office. These teams would decide product formulation, market positioning, packaging, advertising, pricing and promotions, as well as finding the ways to reduce costs and increase profitability. In my opinion, this proposal has the following advantages: - Eurobrand Teams modeled on the European Technical Teams that had proved so effective in the past. - Brill’s concept can make the best use of significant resources like marketing and
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