Case 4 Law 531 Week 1 Contract Creation And Management Assignment

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Contract Creation and Management Assignment Law/531 6/13/2012 Contract Creation and Management Assignment The case presented in the video offer and acceptance from the student website is about an editing production company named Quick Tape Video experiencing trouble with the time editing a production. The company has been working with the same outdated equipment for the last 10 years. The post production manager Janet has been suggesting to Hal, who is the production company’s owner to replace the old equipment for the last two years. After the awareness of a job that will not be completed on time because of editing time consuming. Hal promised to Janet that he will see the possibility to upgrade the editing equipment. Hal has been searching different options…show more content…
It is more cost effective than litigation, because the only witness is Janet Mason who heard only part of the oral contract terms and the credibility of Hal and Jack seem to be honorable. Equipment Lease Agreement This Agreement, made the 10 day of June, 2012, by and between Quick Tape Video Productions hereafter called the Lessee, and Non-Linear Pro, hereafter named the Lessor. General Conditions of Equipment Lease Lessee and Lessor, for the consideration hereafter named, agree as follows: Lessor shall convey to Lessee possession for usage of the following property: -Digital equipment system that performs twice faster editing programs. -Lessor will deliver and install equipment 48 hours after the signature of this contract -Lessor will provide editing equipment training after installation of the equipment to any Lessee employee(s). -The rental period shall be from June 11, 2012 until July 10, 2012 not to exceed 30 days. The rental period shall cover all the time consumed in transporting the equipment including the date of legal delivery to a public

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