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Jennifer Watkins Organizational Staffing Dr. N. Mycisk October 29, 2012 Case Study # 1 How would you describe McDonald's business strategy? What are the foundations of its competitive advantage? (What are the sources of its success)? McDonald’s business stratagem is a gaining in-depth knowledge stratagem. The corporation is built on a substance that gives it a competitive advantage and a business strategy that is coherent, flexible, and specialized. McDonald’s vocation bazaar would be the general public. According to the case study, people are the company’s most important asset and its success depends on the satisfaction of its customers which begins with workers who have the attitudes and abilities required to work efficiently and provide good customer service. McDonald’s warrant both patrons and employees know just how beneficial they are. They make a populace assurance to the employees. How has McDonald aligned its business, human resource, and staffing strategies? The manner in which McDonalds has aligned its business, human resource and staffing strategies is by pursuing fundamental pointers. Which include displays that shadow items for expenditure, service, efficiency, velocity, sales, hiring & firing rate, eminence, patron contentment, exactitude and lucrativeness? What are some possible talent related threats that could eat away at McDonald’s competitive advantage? Would higher turnover or tight labor market in which it is difficult to find talented people be a problem? What would you recommend the company to do to maintain its competitive advantage over the next five years? There could most definitely be some real talent-related threats that will eat away at McDonald’s spirited advantage. These may include impenetrable locating populace with the precise capability and propensities to work in their establishments’. Even though, the

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