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I. THE ENVIRONMENT OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS. Case 1. Is Coke Still "It" in the Global Marketplace? Case 2. Where's the Beef? Case 3. Pez Dispensers to Boomerangs. Case 4. Whose Harley is it? Case 5. Ted and Harry's Ice Cream Factory. Case 6. A Canadian Mystery. Case 7. Rawlings Sporting Goods. II. INTERNATIONAL TRADE ISSUES. Case 8. Sunshine Farms. Case 9. Silicon Valley South? Case 10. Chiquita Brands International. III. THE GLOBAL MONETARY SYSTEM. Case 11. E-Cash. Case 12. Trading Pesos for Greenbacks. Case 13. Global Trade Blues. Case 14. The Mouse that Roared. IV. INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY AND ALLIANCES. Case 15. Wal-Mart or Carrefour. Case 16. Brilliance China Automotive. Case 17. Diamonds are a Rebel's Best Friend. Case 18. Citizens Bank of Jamaica. Case 19. The Toledo Bicycle Company. Case 20. The Great Oklahoma Oil Company. Case 21. Do You DoCoMo? V. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING. Case 22 N-e-s-t-l-e-s. Case 23. Taxing the Demon Weed. Case 24. Fine Belgian Chocolates. Case 25. Peeling Like a Banana. Case 26. Tonia Motorbikes. Case 27. Pegasus Footwear. Case 28. Plunge Furniture Factory. VI. IMPORT/EXPORT, LOCATION DECISIONS, GLOBAL MANUFACTURING. Case 29. Moonbeam Electronics. Case 30. Happy Thanksgiving! Case 31. Rocko Handbags. Case 32. Which Country Next? Case 33. Anne-Marie and Mighty-Mart. VII. INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND CULTURE. Case 34. Trying to Do Business in Mexico, Gringo Style. Case 35. Sushi for Pizza. Case 36. Ed's Big Career Move. Case 37. Jill O'Reilly Goes to Taiwan. Case 38. Canada Timber. Case 39. A Naive Sahab in India. Case 40. Au Revoir, Mrs. Williamson. VIII. INTERNATIONAL FINANCE, ACCOUNTING, AND TAXATION. Case 41. Wilson International. Case 42. ""Baa"d Pricing Policies. Case 43. "Baa"st Transfer Price. Case 44. Diving into a Tax Haven. Case 45. Praying for Dollars, Riyals, or Shekels. IX. ETHICS IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS.

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