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Nespresso All the finesse of highly skilled marketing [pic] Danielle Castagnoni Euromed-Marseille Ecole de Management Tim White Euromed-Marseille Ecole de Management May 2008 Contents I. The coffee market 3 A. coffee consumption 3 B. coffee prices 3 C. Coffee growing and different types of coffee 4 D. the French market 4 1. Market segmentation 4 2. coffee distribution 6 3. pricing 7 4. branding policies 8 5. consumer expectations 9 6. coffee bars 9 II. NESTLE 10 A. The group 10 1. History 10 2. Philosophy 10 3. The logo 11 B. Nestlé France 12 III. Nespresso 13 A. History 13 B. The logo 13 C. The system 14 ASSIGNMENT 15 1. SWOT analysis 15 2. Strategy and marketing mix at Nespresso 15 Appendices 16 Bibliography 20 1. The coffee market A- Coffee consumption Coffee become one of the most popular drinks in the world. More than 1.5 billion cups are drunk, every day, worldwide. It is no longer uniquely used as a stimulant, and «going out for a coffee » has become synonymous with informal meetings or social occasions. Nevertheless, coffee is facing stiff competition from other drinks. Over the last 30 years, one can observe that non-alcoholic soft drinks have become much more successful, particularly with younger consumers, and coffee consumption among young people has declined significantly. This is not particularly surprising when one sees the advertising campaigns that have been developed by the soft drinks companies, whose communication budgets are significantly higher than those of the coffee companies. . Furthermore, current trends which emphasise paying attention to one's well-being and health tend to favour the consumption of so-called healthy drinks which are beneficial for the body such

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