Case 20.53 Final Paper

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20.53 (45 min) Evaluation of customer service. Current data: Annual sales Average cost of sales as % of sales Sales growth Predictions related to new customer service: Increase in customer satisfaction Software and training costs for new customer service Ongoing operating costs for new customer service Cost savings from reduction of email response service Additional sales growth Without new customer service Sales, $15,000,000 x (1+ 0.04) Cost of sales @60% Gross margin With new customer service Sales, $15,000,000 x (1+ 0.04 + 0.06) $15,000,000 60% 4% 10% $300,000 $400,000 ($100,000) 6% Year 1 $ 15,600,000 9,360,000 $6,240,000 $ 16,500,000 Cost of sales @ 60% 9,900,000 Gross margin 6,600,000…show more content…
Most banks have policies that allow exceptions for customers with good loan histories and reputations. An exception might be appropriate in this case if the loan applicant can explain how and how quickly the new equipment will increase income. The new equipment will increase depreciation expense, so at the same level of revenue the company must reduce costs by at least $184,615 (3.51%) plus the net increase in depreciation. This required expense reduction is shown below with some more-or-less reasonable assumptions. This estimate also is conservative because the cost of new equipment was not included in total assets. Assumed WACC Assumed tax rate 15% 35% Assumed total assets (no change) Assumed current liabilities Capital charge (.15 x $4,000,000) EVA (given) $ 4,000,000 0 600,000 (120,000) Actual 480,000 Required Operating income after tax, $600,000 – 120,000,

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