Case 2: Does Milkshake Taste Funny?

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Case 2: Does Milkshake Taste Funny? Yiusze Yip In analyzing the case, I have found that the company “Eastern Dairy” has lots of problems. By fixing those problem could easily avoid similar things happen. First of all, there is no manager in their night shift. Manager could play a very important role in a team. He can inspect the producing process which could avoid irresponsible operator making wrong decisions. Secondly, the inventory control is really poor. Their inventory had not been taking good care of. Paul even admitted that maggots are able to get into the bags of their ingredients in the warehouse. If the company can modify their method of inventory management, maybe George won’t need to face this situation. Also, the policy about the quality of their product is not good enough. I would suggest the company to create some rules about the quality check. They should establish a test to ensure their finished products are qualified. This rule can give some pressure to the operator because they will be responsible for any mistake in the producing process. In the case “Does This Milkshake Taste Funny?” George Stein is facing a serious problem. He needs to decide whether to take Paul’s order or not. In my opinion, George should intervene the unsafe act instead of taking the order from Paul. The main factor that may stop him from doing the right thing is losing his job. George is a romantic person and he need the high wage to remain his romantic life with his girlfriend and his car. Therefore it is kind of hard for him to resist the order. However, stopping the act is the right thing to do. It could potentially save those children in that area as well as the
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