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Case 2 Benchmarking 28-2-2010 Arez hama,Walkiris Perez, Suhail Bhetti | Inhoud Introduction: 2 5 areas for improvement 3 Whom to benchmark inside Stenden: 4 Performing Benchmark 5 Recommendation 7 Bibliografie 7 Introduction: Case 2 IBMS Benchmarking In this case the Stenden University ( Leeuwarden) will be advised on 5 areas of improvements, the performance of benchmarking will help to give a good recommendation to improve the areas that should be improved. 5 areas for improvement Benchmarking, ‘choosing the best in class’ Refers to the best firm that has been recognized as the best in industry based on best studies of 2010. The target company is hogeschool Zeeland Vlissingen IBMS, that is according to on the list for best IBMS of the Netherlands. For Stenden university the 5 areas for improvement are: 1. Communication a. Communication should be more clear between the teachers and the organization, example, if there are changes in the schedule or in time let the students or the teachers know on time. The communication from teachers towards students could be improved, if there is a class cancelled, or a teacher is sick etc. 2. There should be a high required level of English for the teacher who will give lectures to international students. So that the teaching qualities could be improved. 3. Facilities, there should be more printers and copy machine for the students. So that the students will not be occupied by the lack of copy machine or printers. 4. Expanding space for students to study, at Stenden there are limited areas to study, or to do group work. 5. Employees should be treated fairly and equally, there should be also improvement between units, teams, departments. So that the miscommunication could be

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