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CASE OBJECTIVES 1. To discuss possible strategic alternatives that Goldman Sachs may suggest to the board. 2. To evaluate a company’s competitive market position within a given industry, and by division. 3. To evaluate how a company reacts to opportunities and threats’ within. 4. To evaluate how a company identifies keys to success within an industry and uses them to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. 5. To discuss the company’s turnaround strategy. 6. To increase a student’s ability to analyze and conceptualize a given situation in order to develop future planning skills. 7. To increase a student’s ability to evaluate a situation and effectively communicate both written and verbally, remedies for the situation 8. To increase student’s ability to understand a situation or problem by identifying patterns and addressing key underlying issues in order t develop strategic future thinking that is needed for effective leadership and management in the marketplace 9. To discuss the strategy of adding various “plus-size clothing” to various product lines. 10. To discuss can the Gap develop and sustainable strategy? DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Gap? 2. What are the opportunities and threats facing Gap? 3. What are the strategic factors facing Gap? 4. Does Gap have any core competencies? If ‘yes’, what are they? 5. Does Gap have a distinctive competency? If ‘yes’, what is it? 6. Does the Gap have a sustainable strategy? 7. Discuss Porter’s industry analysis forces and how each force pertains to the Gap? • Please explain your answer. 8. Discuss the CEO’s turnaround strategy? • Do you think it will be successful? 9. Is there synergism between the Gap’s

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