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Case 1 What features in the modern automobile are customers driven? The features in the modern automobile those customers driven are the entire automobile. Automobiles were first created for customer’s need, where they can save more time by driving rather than walking or even riding horse to their destination. But after a sum of time, automobile has become cheaper and affordable which most of the people can own one and therefore the creation and production of the automobile has been added a lot of features to attract it customers today. Every feature that has been development and implemented in the automobile is the direct result of trying to attract customers to buy that automobile. Every feature from automatic transmissions, GPS systems, cup holders, air bags, heater and turbo charged engines are features that have advanced the automobile so that customers will buy new models and spend money on extra options. Never the less, nowadays even the same model of the car has different features in it, even just a tiny of different, customers would rather spend a little more to own a special car where it has features that other automobile doesn’t has it. Many features of the automobile have become standard such as sun visors, cup holders and spare tires. Other features are required by law in order for the vehicle to be sold in certain countries. Nonetheless, the fact remains that no automobile would be on the road today had there been no customers that were sick of sitting behind a horse in order to get down the

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