External And Situational Trends Affecting Sears

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Katie Pyles MKT 3060 Professor Jensen Case 1-4 1. Describe how some of the trends mentioned in the textbook are affecting Sears. Over time, trends tend to change, as do people. As for Sears, it has continued to operate by the same average products for average prices. Although that was successful for many years, consumers can now afford to visit specialty stores for the specific items they are looking for. Or on the other hand, Wal-Mart, that has taken average product selling to a new level by drastically cutting their prices, which is another way to keep consumers coming back. Therefore, Sears has failed to keep step with changing consumer tastes or wants, whether it be specialty products, or the low price. 2. Describe the external and situational influences that steer shoppers like Ashley away from Sears. External influences would include both social and cultural aspects of consumer behavior. For example, in today’s environment consumers have choices when it comes to shopping, such as online venues, which makes competition a huge external factor. Not to mention the fact that consumers are no longer visiting malls as frequently and unfortunately for Sears, they are mostly mall-based. The increase of discount retail popularity has led to a redefining of value. Consumers are…show more content…
Such as, appliances, consumer electronics, tools, sporting goods, outdoor living, lawn and garden equipment, certain automotive services and products, and home fashion products. Not to mention, apparel, footwear, jewelry and accessories for the whole family. These all represent utilitarian value and benefits presently offered by Sears. Hedonic value on the other hand, is quite different. Sears does not represent a destination retailer, the location is not as convenient as competitors, and the customer service is not admirable. Therefore, Sears offers more utilitarian value than it does hedonic

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