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Mummification of Apple Minsoo Koh Minsoo Koh, Ira Faloon History pre IB 10 Mr.William April 11th 2012 Mummification of apple lab Description Common apple: - smaller than pharaoh apple - small imperfection on skin - dark red skin -smaller seed and core than pharaoh apple Pharaoh apple: -Bigger in size -no damage on skin - bigger seed and core - greenish white front - light red back Natron solution: The natron solution was made of roughly 40% baking soda and 60% salt. The mixture was white and powder form. It did not smell and the texture was more soft and smooth like baking soda even though there were more salt. Sarcophagus: The sarcophagus was drawn to show the accomplishment and life of the pharaoh Cleoappletra. The pharaoh Cleoappletra was born in a time of war, when she arrived a the throne she cast down the hyksos pear tyranny, brought wealth to Egypt for pleasing the god Orangsirus which also brought a time of untold agriculture growth. The final moment of our great pharaoh in this life was her saving all of Egypt by summoning he sun gods rays to destroy the demon dragon escaped from the underworld so ends Cleoappletra’s great reign in this life. Prediction: My prediction was that the common apple will change its color was dark brown and possible become mushy and for pharaoh apple, I believed it will not change color and just get wrinkles. Process of mummification Common apple: -Toss it in a cup. -Toss it into a hole. -Bury it Pharaoh apple: -Make a naron solution for your apple pharaoh -Put your natron solution 1/3 into a cup. -Gently put your pharaoh apple into the cut with natron solution. -Fill up the cup 2/3 with natron solution - Funeral ceremony. Shout out to people what your great pharaoh has done and cry out loud. - Let your pharaoh rest in

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