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Plot Summary for Casablanca (1942) The period is 1942 circa World War 2, Casablanca which is in French Morocco. The main characters are Rick Blaine, the cynical owner of Casablanca’s most happening night club and casino, Café Americain, Captain Renault, the self-centered , impartial police, underground leader Victor Lazslo, steely Major Strasser and the beautiful leading female in this intricate web; IIsa. The story can easily be considered as a wartime adventure but I believe it is essentially a romance. The first character we are introduced to is Rick, at his nightclub where is approached by a man (Ugarte) who is requesting his help in holding some documents for him. Their conversation is cut short by the arrival of Major Strasser and Captain Renault who proceed to arrest him and looks to Rick for help, who in turn ignores him. Victor Lazslo and his beautiful companion walk in, and they are immediately greeted by Captain Renault and Major Strasser. The latter whom treats Victor Lazslo with much hostility. He requests their presence at the police precinct the next morning at 10:00am. Meanwhile Lazslo’s beautiful companion is enamored with the piano player (Sam) and after a brief respite of tension; he agrees to play an old song for her. Upon hearing this particular song in question, rick marches over to Sam to reproach him for playing that song which he had banned and it was then he noticed Victor Lazslo’s beautiful companion, Illsa, Rick Blaine’s one time love. Introductions are made and quite out of his character Rick picks up the checks of his patrons. Later that evening as Rick is reflecting we are taken back into his still clear memory of Paris. The Rick we see is happy, carefree and most importantly not cynically. He is with a younger and ever beautiful Illsa. We are taken through their joyous relationship until they receive word that the Germans

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