Casablanca Comparison with from Here to Eternity

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comClaudia Segal 12/3/11 Film Comparison Paper on “Casablanca” and “From Here to Eternity” Movies like The Notebook always leave the audience with a good feeling, knowing that the two main characters in love end up together after all the complications, leaving the viewers at ease because finally they get to see exactly what they wanted. One thing that I specifically loved about both films is that your mind is so set on an ending that you completely expect to happen, and then it just doesn’t happen. Yes, it does surprise and shock you and maybe you would have wished for another ending, but personally I rather see something different and unexpected than the norm. There is a frustrated love that takes place in both films. In Casablanca, Rick meets the love of his life, the only woman that he had really fallen in love with, they plan to escape together and literally last minute he finds out that she will not meet with him. This leaves Rick with a very bitter feeling towards Ilsa, he doesn’t understand why she didn’t leave with him and he decides to move on with his life accepting that no longer Ilsa will be in the picture. In “From Here to Eternity” a very similar thing takes place, Holmes wife, Karen has an affair with Warden which leads to a very passionate love, eventually she tells him that if he became an officer, she could divorce Holmes and they could leave together to the states to get married. Instead because of Holmes resignation, she leaves with him. Karen then realizes that the chances of her and Warden ending up together are very unlikely. Both films don’t end like a beautiful love story instead all the characters have to face the harsh realities of life. I also noticed that the women in both films have the similar characteristic of wanting to “escape”. Karen in “From Here to Eternity” wants to leave with Warden because her husband pays her no
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