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Monica Skinner Carter G. Woodson 2/24/11 Early Life Carter G. Woodson was a very important man. Carter G. Woodson was born on December 19, 1875 in New Canton, Virginia. He was the son of former slaves James and Elizae Riddle Woodson. Coming from a large, poor family, Carter Woodson did not regularly attend school. Even though he did not go to school often, he managed to learn most of his subjects by age 17. Carter loved to learn. Wanting more education Carter went to Fayette County to earn a living as a miner. In 1895, at the age of 20, Carter went to Douglass High School where he received a diploma in less than two years. He also received his bachelor of literature degree from Berea College in Kentucky. Carter G. Woodson attended the University of Chicago, where he was awarded a Masters degree in 1908. Later, Carter completed his Ph.D (Doctorate). in history at Harvard University in 1912, where he was only the second African American to earn a doctorate. Carter G. Woodson, along with Alexander L. Jackson and three friends, founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History in 1915. In 1916, Carter began the publication of the Academic Journal of Negro History. It has never missed an issue. In 2002, it was renamed the Journal of African American History and continues to be published by the Association for the study of African American life and History. The NAACP He joined the Washington D.C. branch of NAACP, and it’s chairman Archibald Grimke. He wrote a letter to him expressing himself being dissatisfied with the way things were going. The NAACP did not welcome Dr. Woodson’s ideas. Woodson ended his association with the NAACP. Black History Month Dr. Woodson devoted the rest of his

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