Cartel Violence Research Paper

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Forty seven-thousand murders, thousands kidnapped, and thousands tortured surely someone is to blame, and surely someone can stop, or contain the violence. No, in today’s day and age amazingly there is no one, no agency, and no government willing to tackle this problem, as if doing so would be an indication of blame. From the numbers given above one might think I am referring to a large scale war, genocide, or even the Holocaust. The forty seven- thousand murdered people and thousands of others that were kidnapped and or tortured are actually the victims of the Mexican drug cartel violence. Why will the president and congress go to war to protect U.S. citizens from terrorism? Why will the president and congress give military aid to countries…show more content…
The operation was called “Gun Runner,” and its details included allowing “straw purchasers” to buy not hundreds but thousands of guns, approximately 2,500, which they were then to walk into Mexico while having their movements traced by the ATF. The problem is that the ATF was not able to keep track of the weapons and to date only 1,300 of the approximate 2,500 have been recovered.An even bigger problem is that at least one Federal Agent Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, lost his life in a shootout with an individual armed with a weapon sold during “Gun Runner”, and violence in Mexico jumped exponentially when the weapons made their way into that country. For example, 958 people were killed in Mexico during the month of March 2010 alone, and at least 150 Mexican law enforcement officers have been killed since early 2009. (Hawkins…show more content…
That was not a “ghetto” neighborhood, it was the suburbs. There is “spillover” violence and it’s worse than politicians will let us believe. Phoenix is America’s kidnapping capital. Wealthy U.S. citizens have been taken for ransom, innocent victims murdered, home invasions, and cartel activity. Even if all the “spillover” was cartel vs. cartel it will not be long before our border towns are like that of Mexico. Innocent bystanders at the wrong place, wrong time, and gunned down. Babies have been kidnapped, gutted, packed with drugs, and used as decoys for female smugglers. We want your attention now! Spillover is here! Cartel activity has been reported in the obvious border cities, as well as Alabama, Georgia, and even North

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