What Is The Difference Between Truck Vs. Trucks

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Cars vs. Trucks/SUV’s What type of automobile do you like to drive? In this paper I will be discussing the pro’s and con’s of either driving a truck/SUV or driving a car. Most people have a certain one that they like to drive. Some guys would rather drive a truck because it makes them look like more of a man. Or some think that the bigger and stronger their truck is the bigger and stronger that they are. The bad side of trucks is that they get very bad gas mileage which is a big factor to most people when buying automobiles. They are also harder to drive and park. So if you are used to driving a car and you go drive a truck it may be a difficult transition. You have to be aware of how much extra space that you take up. Trucks are harder to park because of how much bigger they are. You have to find bigger parking spots. Trucks are also a lot more expensive than the average car.…show more content…
They are a lot bigger and have a lot more leg and head room for the passengers. Trucks can also be used for recreational purposes too, such as pulling boats and campers. They are also very handy for construction workers or landscapers that need to carry a lot of cargo or pull trailers. They also have a lot better ground clearance which makes them able to go through more snow or mud. Trucks are also much better in ice because they usually have tires with more grip and 4-wheel drive. You can also do a lot more customizing to trucks because they have so much more
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