Cars on the Go Essay

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MARK 1107: DIRECT & INTERACTIVE MARKETING GROUP PROJECT Case (40%) –Fall 2014 Learning Objectives: 1. Synthesize and apply all program concepts learned to date. 2. Continue to refine interpersonal/team skills, presentation skills and critical thinking. Instructions: Written Marketing Plan (25%): Provide an acquisition focused integrated direct marketing plan with a minimum of 3 channels. The plan should include campaign objectives, creative, web landing page, offer(s), lists, schedule/timing, creative mock-ups/scripts, budget (“ballpark numbers”), and finally to explain how the communications will be integrated for maximum impact. Summarize your campaign plan in a professional report. Report is due during class on Nov 26. See page 5 for details of the rubric for the written report. It is a guide for your topic headings and sub headings. Maximum 10 pages, plus Appendix. You will present your Creative Brief to Anne for some preliminary guidance and feedback on Oct 8. Project Presentation (15%): Each team is allotted 15 minutes to present their campaign to the class for evaluation (not including Q&A - maximum of 5 minutes). Presentations are on Dec 10. Please hand in a hard-copy of your PowerPoint slides immediately before you present. • Every student in the team must present an equal amount of content. • The team should also plan on answering about 5 minutes of questions from the audience following the presentation. • The use of supporting visual devices is mandatory. Any of the following are suitable: flipcharts, photos, illustrations, schematics, handouts, spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides (preferred). For slides or handouts, provide copies to your instructor. • Presentations begin immediately at the start of class in random order on the last class day. Presentation and report grades

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