Cars And Air Pollution Essay

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Abstract In todays world, driving a car is the single most air polluting act that the average person commits(Environmental Protection Agency[EPA]). Numerous extremely harmful pollutants are emitted by motor vehicles. I believe that cars need to start being designed more efficiently so that less air polluting gases are emitted, or stop being used. Therefore, in the following paper I am going to attempt to better inform you about the impact cars have on Earth and it’s atmosphere, and give you a little history. This problem is hardly a topic of conversation, and needs to brought to discussion more frequently, especially in the US. Enjoy: Motorcars were invented in the US in the early 20th century and shortly after invention became a worldwide hit. Cars quickly became thought of as a necessary item or a commodity. Everybody drove a car, everybody who didn’t drive a car wanted to drive a car, and cars were greatly smiled upon. Things haven’t changed; except that in today’s world there are about ten cars per person, rather than one car per person. Even though cars today are generally more eco-friendly than 100 years ago, there is still a substantially greater amount of air pollution produced by automobiles now than back in the day. According to the EPA, in typical urban areas cars, buses, trucks, and off-highway mobile sources such as construction vehicles and boats produce at least half of the hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. When most people think of air pollution they think of billowing smokestacks pouring out of giant industrial factories. When, actually, there is a greater amount of air pollution being emitted from cars that anything. Air pollution emissions from each individual car are generally small. The amount of motor cars and motor car drivers is always rising. This combined with the traffic congestion of urban areas results in a very large

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