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Adolf Hitler During the 1900s there were many events and people that affected the world in many ways. Adolf Hitler became a chancellor of Germany in 1933, combining President and Chancellor into one using the power to make the Enabling Act. He ruled until his suicide in 1945. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in Austria-Hungary, and was the son of Alois Hitler who became a senior official. He liked being in the Army and didn’t mind risking his life for dangerous missions. The Nazi Party gained power after World War I, the Party emphasized nationalism and anti-communism and killed there opponents to have success. He established dictatorship which pursued an aggressive foreign policy. This resulted when Germany invaded Poland in 1939, bringing the British and French empires into World War II. Hitler’s territorial conquest and racial subjugation had caused the death of tens of millions of people including six million Jews which was called the holocaust. Berlin was invaded and destroyed by the Red Army which was Russia or better known as at that time period USSR. Hitler served in Belgium and France and he was a runner which was the most dangerous job on the western front. He received the Iron cross for his bravery in World War I. The Treaty of Versailles deprived Germany of various territories and it re-created Poland which Germans regarded as an outrage. The treaty blamed Germany for all the horrors of the war. Hitler and his party used the signing of the treaty by the "November Criminals" as a reason to build up Germany so that it could never happen again. After World War I Hitler remained in the army and returned to Munich, he also took part in the national thinking courses organized by the Propaganda Department of the Bavarian group. Scapegoats were found in "international Jewry", communists, and politicians across the party

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