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To what extent was the Battle of the Somme a complete failure? On the first day, 1st June 1916 was the day of the big push. It was famously known as a complete failure as it was a one-day record for the amounts of deaths of British troops. 58000 British troops died on that day because of the push. The attack was launched 30 kilometres to the north of the some river. The battle ran from 1st July 1916 to the 18th November of the same year, at which point it was called off. Leading the British farces was a field marshal Haig. He was appointed on the 10th December 1915. This was because there was a stalemate between the British and the Germans. The people were questioning the leadership and this is how he was appointed. Many saw him as having a long and successful career. Haig did make many uncalled for decisions. The pushes did not work particularly well. However, more German troops were killed than British. Also he came up with the creeping barrage. This was the artery firing just in front of the men on foot. This meant the Germans could not get out of the trenches without being killed to set up machine guns. Another stupid things about Haig were he said that to beat the Germans all you needed was grit and determination. However, for all that field marshal Haig did, good and bad, he did his job by weakening the Germans dramatically. This may not have made all British people happy because their loved ones have died in the Battle of the Somme. The British troops ordered over 1 million people into the Battle of the Somme. The Somme was actually a minor and strategically Entente victory. The British troops actually advanced across a 25-mile front and made the Germans retreat by over 40 miles. This was mostly because of the creeping barrage tactic. Because the Germans could not assemble the machine guns. People however found it hard to find it good that for every mile

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