Carry Me Like Water Reflection

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Carry Me like Water Reflective Essay The book Carry me like Water explores many facets of race, social status and interconnectedness. Carry me like Water builds a web of different people on various paths in their lives, helping to show the nearness of each character and individuality of their personal journey. The fact that distance and time, no matter how far or near eventually play a part in bringing the characters to the space and realizations they ultimately seek. Carry me like water truly shows how intricate and delicate each person’s path in life is and can be. Pg. 134 “Some of us are determined to leave our marks on the world-one way or another.” The first of the delicate journeys begins with Diego, who is a deaf mute man living in El Paso, Texas. He…show more content…
Although it seems to help this couple that they appear deeply in love. The dialogue on page 141 best describes the touching and painful nature of their relationship and the book itself, “Jacob kept rocking him in his arms. “Shhh Shhh I’ll carry you.” “Like water?” “What?” “Like a river carries water.” “Yes-Just like that.” The relationship of these two men, the deterioration and death of Joaquin, and the suffering are a powerful reminder of how fleeting life is. Lizzie, Helen’s best friend and Joaquin’s nurse plays a huge role in the spirituality and connections between all of the players in “Carry me like Water”. Her story begins while caring for an AIDS patient and discovering through visions and research he is her brother. While on his death bed he gives her his ultimate gift of psychic ability and astral travel. The ability to see beyond everyday normalcies and to leave her body at will. She also plays a part as the strength between Joaquin and Jake holding them together through sickness and
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