Carry A Moore Thesis

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Thematic Essay on Carry A. Moore Carry Amelia Moore was born November 25, 1846, to George Moore and Mary Campbell in Gerrard County, Kentucky. During her childhood she learned to read, and spent much of her time with the Bible. In 1867 she married and had a child with Charles Gloyd, in Belton, Missouri. However, he had serious drinking problems. They had a daughter named Charlien who was very sickly, and weak. Charlien died a year after she was born, and Carry blamed their daughter’s conditions on her husbands drinking, and divorced him. This was a major point in her life, for this started her on her quest to illegalize alcohol. In 1877 she married David Nation, who was an attorney, editor, and preacher nineteen years older than her. The couple moved to Texas, and then to Medicine Lodge, Kansas in 1889, and David became the local church’s pastor. Carry helped out by seeing to the needs of poor people, teaching Sunday school, and established a chapter of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. She spoke out against women's immodest dress, tobacco, and what she was most remembered for, alcohol. Then she became much more religious. She felt a sensation of divine protection, and began to hallucinate. She felt this was confirmed when a fire struck her town, and the house she was rooming in was the only one untouched. She even believed her name, Carry A. Nation, was meant to be. In 1880…show more content…
• She was arrested 30 times between 1900 and 1910 for smashing up the insides of saloons. • In order to pay off all of her fines, she sold pewter hatchet pins and buttons. • She changed her name from “Carrie” to “Carry” because she liked the significance behind “Carry A. Nation”. • Her tombstone reads “She Hath Done What She Could”. Works Cited <> Accessed 20 Oct 2008 <> Accessed 20 Oct
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