Carriebean Music Essay

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Name Instructor Course Date of Submission Calypso a Genre of Music from the Caribbean The Calypso is a genre of music that is found in the Caribbean islands, and more to say in Trinidad. It attributes its origins to the first African slaves that were imported to the Caribbean islands to work as slaves. This genre can owe its origin to the very beats of West African Kaiso, fused with European beats borrowed from the slave masters. Since the slaves were barred from talking to each other and they had been cut off from their families, they had to devise witty methods in which they could communicate and vent out the fury that had built into them. The best method they could utilize was to compose songs that taunted their masters as well as communicate to their fellow slaves. The Caribbean countries were colonized by several colonialists mainly the Spain and later the British and this heavily impacted to the development of the Calypso genre (Cowley, 236). It was music that originated by nature of defiance by the slaves to their masters as then the slaves could communicate with each other, something that had been forbidden. The early calypso were composed and sung in a form of French dialect that is referred to as patois. The slaves sung this song, lead by a soloist then known as griot and then they would join in and with this, the slaves could speak with one voice and understand each other, which later brought an uprising which led to the abolishment of slavery. Apart from being music that showed defiance, this music also incorporated was also used in areas that warranted celebrations. The slaves derived their pride from the rich African culture, and they honored it by composing and singing songs that had the calypso beats. Calypso took its distinguishable that identifies it in the modern era from the Carnival rituals in the early years of 20th century which brought

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