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Few Examples of How IT Has Changed Industries Around: Media: Media field has been totally upgraded and transformed by the IT. Now, media can cover news better and can distribute it for mass consumption on a larger scale. Apart from TV and radio, online websites have been launched to keep people updated. Now we are having 24*7 news. Banking: Few years ago, in banks working with hands and saving data on paper was a norm. But with the arrival of computer, everything has changed. Now entries are directly and efficiently recorded in PC files, money can be transferred online, account balance can be checked, people have been provided with the service online banking service to carry out various transactions. Business: Businesses across the world, due to IT, are not bound to a geographical area anymore. With the help of online communication they can reach the world. It’s because of IT that there are so many people today who can work for employers that are located in some different geographical area. Education: In the past, education was mainly done with the help of books. However, these days, internet plays a vital role in teaching students valuable information regarding any subject they want to learn about. There’s absolutely no shortage of information online and can be accessed easily. Medical: IT has brought revolutionary changes in medicine sector as well. With the help of new techniques, technologies and equipments developed by IT for this specific field, physicians can provide more accurate treatment to patients. Something that wasn’t possible ten to twenty years ago. Transport: Transport sector is also not untouched. New inventions and innovations have upgraded the transport industry to a great extent. Roadways, railways, airways, waterways all are revolutionized. Availability of seats, timings are all at a stone throw just because of internet. It

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