Carrefour in China

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BADM449 Carrefour Case To: Professor Phil Anderson From :Vicky Xu After taking the sensitivity analysis and the scenarios into serious account, it is pretty obviously for me to find out that the measure that can provide Carrefour the most positive NPA would be the top choices to implement. By checking the numbers from the excel worksheet, I found out that Solar Chiller Air-Conditioning is the one who always have positive and most NPV among other measures. In the base case, Solar Chiller Air-Conditioning can provide Carrefour the highest NPV with $3,656,296 per year if implemented. In Sensitivity Case, again, Solar Chiller Air-Conditioning will provide Carrefour the highest NPV with $8,184,190 per year. Moreover, in Scenario one, this measure will provide $2,312,095 NPV for the company, which is the highest among all the measures, provided and in Scenario two, providing NPV with $9,252,190 for Carrefour make this measure the most profitable one after implementation. Solar Chiller Air-Conditioning is the best building design for Carrefour to adopt even though the building cost is higher than other measures but this project is a long-term investment, Solar Chiller Air-Conditioning can always provide the highest NPV, in other words, this measure will make most money for Carrefour. Exterior Wall Construction also provides positive NPV in all scenarios and has the second highest NPV among all six measures, so I will also recommend Exterior Wall Construction. I think another important issue Monaco should take into consideration could be the country-China. As stated in the case, the Chinese government did not really pay much attention to the green building or green construction. I think by the year of 2008, China is still a developing country, the most important issue for a developing country for me would be make the country stronger by making the
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