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Carrefour Expends in China Essay

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Carrefour expends in China
a) Public Limited Company- Is an organization with limited liability, which has right to sell its shares via stock exchange.
b) Multinational Retailer-Is an organization, which is world-wide known and conduct retailing.
c) Technological advance is a situation whereby resources are combined such that the same value of resources yields an increased output or smaller volume of resources yields the same amount as output.
2) As the economy of China is growing rapidly, there might be demand-pull inflation, moreover when the economy “grows” standards of living are rising, therefore incomes of the customers increase, hence it will be reasonable for Carrefour to continue an expansion in China.
3) Unemployment can help the company to hire more workers offering low wages due to the competition for the occupations offered . Therefore the company can maintain its strategy and continue its expansion.
Improving of an education facilities resulting in increasing literacy and more skilled and adaptable work forces. Which would lead to non-expansion due to the fact that the company would have to pay more for an educated, qualified workforces.
The massive riots in Chengdu, against the government which will cause social instability. That matter might lead to inability of the expansion and will have a long-term negative impact on Chinese economy.
4) Company should make the PEST analysis.
Investigate: political issue namely the possibility of riots in Chengdu.
Social issue namely growth of population in Chengdu
Economic issues namely the pace of economic growth-comparison between the value of output in recent years. The fiscal policy of the government to estimate possible increase or decrease in incomes of the customers
Technical issue namely if the online retailing is profitable.

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