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Roman De Santiago Mrs. Lange English 4 -2nd 30 January 2013 Music Producer or Publicist The two professions I considered were working as a publicist or a music producer. A publicist generates and manages publicity for someone like a celebrity, or for a work like a book or film. A music producer is the creative leader of any studio, film, and television or radio recording project. Though these choices are both very good careers I have chosen music producing. I have chosen this career because it would be fun working with music and making a new sound. I do know that it takes a lot of work, like being on a hectic schedule, dealing with budget pressures, and finishing a song on time. Some reasons for my choice are that I would get to work with some musicians, and making someone’s dream of maybe becoming the next biggest hit. A music producer needs to be a people person, be a charismatic person, and to be able to relate well to your recording artists. I would also enjoy it being remunerative, but I would need to work hard to do so. If I have to I could get things done and organized quickly. I love music but it would a challenge to open up my imagination, and be creative in order to keep coming up with songs, as a result of being on a hurried schedule. Music producers assure that a project stays within budget, secure a studio time, aid artists in choosing songs to record and help give them a quality performance, help audio engineers in the mixing, mastering, and recording process. Music production, Musical History and Theory, Composition, Songwriting, Ear Training, Copyright Law, Finance and Marketing, Entrepreneurship course would be helpful for up incoming music producers. All these things would be a good preparation for people who want to be music producers. Ultimately, becoming a music producer would be a good career for me, because I would be able to work on

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