Carp Diem Essay

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Mobile Marketing Background Mobile phones have revolutionized the world of communication over the last couple of decades. In India, mobile phones have been rapidly adopted, across pop-strata and income groups. Not only are mobile phones reducing information asymmetry in our day-to-day businesses, but are also the window to the world for those in remote locations and aspiring for an improved lifestyle. From a marketing and media point of view, mobile phones provide an incredible opportunity. In India, where all mass media put together can only reach under 75% of all individuals (the figure is even lower in Rural India), and television penetration is likely to be even lower, mobile can be the answer. The fact of the matter is that there are almost 200mn people with access to mobile phones but no access to television. Impact of Mobile on Marketing Mobile is changing and reshaping all our assumptions and approaches to marketing. In the past, the basic frame of reference in marketing was relatively simple - How many people be reached through our media plans. However, in a scenario where over 800mn people have access to mobile phones – a rework is needed in the existing frame of reference. The new question to be answered is - How can we leverage this personal medium to reach out to our consumers in a customized and relevant manner. Today, HUL connects with over 40mn consumers on mobile, in various ways, including Kan Khajura Tesan (Refer appendix on KKT). On KKT itself, consumers who are starved of entertainment, especially in rural India, love to keep on accessing the service. Similarly, multiple mobile-couponing campaigns (Refer Appendix on Couponing) have also been run, and the response from the consumers has been humungous. Both these platforms, however, scratch the surface of the opportunity on mobile. Neither of them intrinsically are a

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