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Ronda George Mrs. McNew ENGL 1301-10D2 12 June 2014 Final Paper One Religious Beliefs of Mona Sue Donica Pepper By Ronda George Mona Sue Donica Pepper was born in Oklahoma in 1948. Farming parents, which traveled to many states to work as seasonal help, raised her with strong religious beliefs. As a young child, growing up, she learned the real meaning behind right from wrong and what would happen if you were caught doing things wrong. Her mother’s words, which Sue passed on to her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, were “Be sure your sins will find you out.” Sue was always the first one to help out, during her younger years, wherever the need. She gave when there was nothing left to give. Sue religious beliefs and…show more content…
Teaching the beliefs of the Old and New testaments with the church she was attending. She started her own Christian school and home schools for children of the church. Sue also started taking her nieces and nephews to church with her so they too could learn the word of God. For the people she loved and cared about, Sue believed in having a strong part in saving their souls for Christ. She had her hands in every aspect of helping the weak, sick, lost, and under privilege children and adults. She was always helping her brothers and sisters out whenever they need her to. She has very strong family values from generations of the…show more content…
At times in Sue’s tribulations, she often suffered a broken heart, but the Holy Spirit would draw her back into the loving arms of God’s grace; (4) 2 Timothy 1:7: “God has not given me a Spirit of fear, but of power and love, and of sound mind” this was one of the primary verse Sue taught to all the new Christians old or young. Sue showed this one verse to people because they always became fearful of things in their lives and needed to know that God was stronger than the fear. Strong religious beliefs are always taught from birth to death. Sue was one of the blessed ones that had this opportunity to be taught by loving parents from the beginning of her life. Sue will always let God lead her life, structure her future, and bless her deeds accordingly. She is a very strong woman and has given that strength on to each and every person that came in contact with her. Her religious beliefs will live forever in the generations to come through relatives, church members, and her story of her

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