Caroligian Dynasty Essay

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The Carolingian dynasty can trace its roots in the Frankish Kingdom. The role it played in uniting most of Western Europe in the late 700’s under one powerful ruler can’t be underestimated. The Carolingians were mainly composed of rich aristocratic families who owned a lot of land. In those days, it was common for land owners not to manage their own estates. They usually entrusted their estates to a steward who superintended the working in the estates and even collected revenues. The stewards who were charged with this responsibility came to be known as mayor of the palace. Over time the palace mayor started assuming more responsibility like being a custodian to a minor king, a disciplinarian in the King’s court and this made him become very powerful. With so power in their hands they monopolized the position of the palace mayor and used their power to craft laws or policies that would be used to govern their people. As mentioned earlier on, the dynasty played a pivotal role in uniting most of Western Europe and the man who was behind all this was called Charles Martel. Martel was a Frankish ruler and the Mayor of Austrasia (714-741 A.D) which was located on the eastern part of the Frankish empire. He emerged to be a strong leader and was regarded as a king. He established a power base that marked the foundation of the Carolingian dynasty. This was achieved by defeating the Muslims in 732 A.D in the famous Battle of Tours near Poitiers. He built an army of mounted men by seizing church estates and made many leaders subdue to him like: The Neustrians which was the western part of the Frankish kingdom at the battle of Ambleve which took place in 716 A.D and was led by King Chilperic II and his mayor Ragenfrid. He provided St. Boniface an Anglo –Saxon monk safety to carry out his Christianity mission in Thuringia, Alemania and Bavaria. After his death he was succeeded

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