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GCSE English Literature FOUNDATION Paper Literature Poetry: Duffy and Armitage Revision Guide and Activities GCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE SECTION B: POETRY You have an hour to answer this task in the examination, but you are expected to spend 10 minutes planning your answer before you begin to write. Failure to do so will make a big difference to your grade. You must answer one question from a choice of three. You will always have to answer on two pre-1914 poems, and you will have to answer on the post-1914 poets, Duffy and Armitage. The comparison in the exam may take different forms. The question might be like one of the following: • A question that asks you to compare the ways Duffy and Armitage, as well as two pre-1914 poets, present some topic. This involves comparing the four poems. • A question that is divided into two parts, which asks you to compare: a. one Duffy with one Armitage poem b. two pre-1914 poems This involves comparing two poems in the first part and two poems in the second. • A question which asks you to compare: a. one post-1914 poem with one pre-1914 poem b. another post-1914 poem with another pre-1914 poem Assessment Objectives (1) Respond to texts critically, sensitively, and in detail, selecting appropriate ways to convey your response, using textual evidence. (2) Explore how language, structure, and forms contribute to the meanings of texts, considering different approaches to texts and alternative interpretations. (3) Explore relationships and comparisons between texts, selecting and evaluating relevant material. The Literature Poems The 12 Key Poems are listed below. In the space provided next to each, write a brief description of what the poems are about, then draw an image to remind yourself of the key ideas. ▪ Havisham ▪

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