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Carnival Corporation: The Costa Concordia Crisis Case A “We were stuck. He told us we couldn’t get off. I thought my baby was going to die – I thought we were all going to die. The Captain just went, he just left the boat, left us there. I just cannot believe it.”1 Isabelle Mougin, Passenger "I haven't lost hope yet, anything can still happen, a miracle. He may be injured, he may have lost consciousness, anything may have happened. I still have hope, I always have hope. Hope is the last thing to die.”2 Kevin Rubello, Brother to Missing Costa Concordia Employee On January 13, 2012, MickyArison (“Mr. Arison”) sat on a deck chair on the starboard side of one his company’s many cruise ships and enjoyed the view of the lush, green island of St. Bart’s. It was a beautiful, warm day and the sun was reflecting off the clear, tranquil Caribbean water. Since taking the helm of the cruise company founded in 1972 by his father, Mr. Arison had successfully established Carnival as the largest cruise operator in the world. Through a series of cruise line acquisitions across the globe, Mr. Arison had grown the company from one cruise line to a company comprised of 10 cruise lines, operating a combined total of over 101 ships. While the company’s earnings per share (EPS) was slightly lower in 2011 than in 2010, the company was successfully coping with the global recession. With signs of a global economic recovery appearing, Mr. Arison sat back in his chair and while sipping a cup of tea and assured himself that the turbulent waters of the global recession were in his company’s wake. As the CEO of a global company and the owner of the Miami Heat, a professional basketball team, Mr. Arison had embraced social media, especially Twitter, as a way to keep in touch with the enthusiasts not only of his company but also of his basketball team. He decided that he would compose a tweet about

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