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Carnival Cruise Sept. 12,1996, I was standing in line along with my older sister, Tina, and her wonderful husband, David, not knowing that I was about to experience one of the best vacations ever. I was only twelve years old and had not traveled many places. There we stood along the coast in the blazing heat with hundreds of different types of people, speaking different kinds of languages, as the fishy smelling wind blew heavily, helping us stay cool. Police checked everyone’s passports as drug dogs sniffed everyone’s bags. Three hours after standing around, we were finally reached the entrance of the humungous white ship. Captain Roy Marco stood greeting everyone, “My name is Captain Roy, I hope you enjoy.” As we stepped into the ship, it made a loud squeaking noise, making you think it was old and going to fall in. But the further we went, the more amazed we were. Everything was surrounded by clean black glass. The carpet was black and had spots of pink, purple, and green splashed on it. The glass elevator that we rode on was outlined with pink and purple lighting. On the top floor, there was three sparkling blue pools. The one in the front of the ship was four feet deep and for little children. The middle pool my favorite, had two super curvy, blue, wrap around slides that dunked you into freezing salt water. I spent most of my time there. The pool on the very back was for adults only. So unfortunately, I never swam in it. While making our way down to our room, we passed all kinds of restaurants, bars, and clubs. When we got hungry, we had anything we could possibly want, to eat. There was Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian, sushi, and ect. If people just wanted to kick back and chill while catching a buzz, plenty of bars were around to choose from to do just that. If they got into a dancing mood and wanted to swing their hips, they had two clubs on the

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