Carnegie's Document: The Gospel Of Wealth

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Carnegie’s document “The Gospel of Wealth” is more or less Carnegie’s thoughts about individualism, greed, and money. He explains that he believes that people should spend their individual wealth in three different modes. The first mode being that the individual leaves the accumulated wealth to their family. However, this only applies or is only acceptable if a fair amount of income is provided to the family. Carnegie believed that leaving all of the wealth of the deceased individual to the family may actually do more harm than good to society. The second mode states that the individual leaves their wealth at death for public use and the third mode states that the individual should spend their wealth throughout their life for the common…show more content…
In a way, he states that when an individual passes away they should leave their wealth to someone in their family that will put it to good use. That part I definitely agree with because most of the people leave the things they have worked the hardest for to individuals that use them for things that are either useless or is to be considered as “blowing money”. Even though the individual may be in the family, unfortunately some individuals show no appreciation for this and they end up doing something with it that is not in their best interest. I also agree with Carnegie on the third mode of using what wealth you work for when he talks about an individual using their wealth throughout their life for common good. I believe that individuals should think about the things they need instead of the things they think they need or the things they want. I see so many cases in the world today where parents are purchasing things they think they need such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc and they have children that are in need of things such as doctor appointments, clothing, and sometimes even food. I believe if Carnegie was here today, he would be very disturbed and upset by these situations. I believe if we had Carnegie’s document today, some individuals would have a better sense of knowing what is a want and what things are only a
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