Carmelo Anthony Vs. Lebron James Essay

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Arguementative Essay Carmelo Anthony versus Lebron James Who is Better? Many topics have been talked about LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony,such as skill level, each others playing styles, and other categories, but no one has come to a conclusion because of their skill sets. If stats were the case, then the media and sports analyst would have been decided if Carmelo was better than LeBron or vice versa. However, the fact that both of the players are great says a lot about what they do for the NBA(National Basketball Association). Both of these players have dissimilarities that helps us to figure out which is the better player. Carmelo Anthonys background is very different from LeBron James. Born in Brooklyn, New York on May 29, 1984, CArmelo Anthony is the son of a Puerto Rican father and an African American mother. He attended Townson Catholic high school and later, he transferred schools and attended Oak Hill Academy high school. He achieved many goals in High School, among which for example are All-American, Top Prospect, and many others that the media do not mention. After high school, Carmelo Anthony attended Syracuse University under coach Jim Boeheim, who was the head coach, in 2003. That same year, Carmelo Anthony won the National Championship with the Orange and was named Most Valuable Player and First-Team All Tournament. Carmelo played one year with Syracuse and entered the NBA draft. He was picked in the first round and overall third awarded to the Denver Nuggets. Carmelo has played in the Nba for eight seasons now. He didn't like the Denver Nuggets franchise, so he decided to take another path. Now, he currently plays for the New York Knicks. LeBron James background is also different from Carmelo Anthony's life. Born in Akron, Ohio on December 30,1984, LeBron James is the son of Gloria James and his father left him when he was

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